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Maintenance Form

If you have noticed any maintenance problems at the property you are currently renting from us, then please complete the report form below. Once you have submitted your request we will use our best endeavours to address maintenance issues within reasonable timescales.

(Addressing maintenance issues may be subject to the Landlord’s authorisation, obtaining parts and/or any reasonable unforeseeable events.)

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to fill in ALL information to ensure that we can help quickly and efficiently

Full property address :
Tenant(s) full name :
Tenant(s) phone number :
Tenant(s) email address :

 I hereby confirm that the following details require attention at the above address and authorise the Landlord or Bennetts Lettings and Property Management contractors (or sub-contractors) to carry out all authorised repairs.

Detailed maintenance issues to report :
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Method of entry*
 I authorise Bennetts Lettings and Property Management to give my contact details to contractors so that they can contact me to organise an appointment. 
 I authorise Bennetts Lettings and Property Management to release the keys for my property to contractors to carry out the necessary work.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are uploading photos please be aware that there might be a gap of up to 2 minutes or even longer AFTER you press the submit button, before anything appears to happen. This is because the photos are being uploaded from your PC to our server, which depending on photo sizes and your internet connection speed, can take a little while. There is no need to press the submit button again and doing so will only slow things down.
All material on this website is provided for information only, and is not intended to form part of any offer or contract. Our policies and practices may change at any time without notice.
Details of properties are provided from information received, and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
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